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Provides several different debugging screens to provide insight into the data behind the page.

This interceptor only is activated when devMode is enabled in struts.properties. The 'debug' parameter is removed from the parameter list before the action is executed. All operations occur before the natural Result has a chance to execute.


  • xml - Dumps the parameters, context, session, and value stack as an XML document.
  • console - Shows a popup 'OGNL Console' that allows the user to test OGNL expressions against the value stack. The XML data from the 'xml' mode is inserted at the top of the page.
  • command - Tests an OGNL expression and returns the string result. Only used by the OGNL console.
  • browser Shows field values of an object specified in the object parameter (#context by default). When the object parameters is set, the '#' character needs to be escaped to '%23'. Like debug=browser&object=%23parameters