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Let's create a Client-Side validation workflow, step by step.

(info) The validate attribute is set to true.

(info) Some themes do not support client-side validation.

Step 1

Create the form.

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(info) This case uses the default xhtml theme, so the <s:head > tag is used to link a style sheet.

Step 2

Create the Action class.

Step 3

Create the validation.xml to configure the validators to be used.

Action and Namespace

A correct action and namespace attributes must be provided to the <s:form> tag. For example, if the action named "quizClient" is defined in the "/validation" namespace, the form must be configured as:

While the following will "work" in the sense that the form will function correctly, client-side validation will not. That is because Struts must know the exact namespace and action (rather than a URL) to properly support validation.