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Packages that use TilesUtilImpl
The Tiles taglib and framework allows building web pages by assembling reusable pieces of pages, called Tiles. 

Uses of TilesUtilImpl in org.apache.struts.tiles

Subclasses of TilesUtilImpl in org.apache.struts.tiles
 class TilesUtilStrutsImpl
          TilesUtil implementation for Struts 1.1 with one single factory.
 class TilesUtilStrutsModulesImpl
          Implementation of TilesUtil for Struts multi modules.

Fields in org.apache.struts.tiles declared as TilesUtilImpl
protected static TilesUtilImpl TilesUtil.tilesUtilImpl
          The implementation of tilesUtilImpl

Methods in org.apache.struts.tiles that return TilesUtilImpl
static TilesUtilImpl TilesUtil.getTilesUtil()
          Get the real implementation.

Methods in org.apache.struts.tiles with parameters of type TilesUtilImpl
static void TilesUtil.setTilesUtil(TilesUtilImpl tilesUtil)
          Set the real implementation.

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