Tag message

Render an internationalized message string to the response.

Retrieves an internationalized message for the specified locale, using the specified message key, and write it to the output stream. Up to five parametric replacements (such as "{0}") may be specified.

The message key may be specified directly, using the key attribute, or indirectly, using the name and property attributes to obtain it from a bean.

JSTL: The equivalent JSTL tag is <fmt:message>. For example,
<fmt:message key="my.msg.key"> <fmt:param value="replacement text"/> </fmt:message>

Tag Information
Tag Classorg.apache.struts.taglib.bean.MessageTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body Contentempty
Display NameNone


First parametric replacement value, if any.


Second parametric replacement value, if any.


Third parametric replacement value, if any.


Fourth parametric replacement value, if any.


Fifth parametric replacement value, if any.


The name of the application scope bean under which the MessageResources object containing our messages is stored.


The message key of the requested message, which must have a corresponding value in the message resources. If not specified, the key is obtained from the name and property attributes.


The name of the session scope bean under which our currently selected Locale object is stored.


Specifies the attribute name of the bean whose property is accessed to retrieve the value specified by property (if specified). If property is not specified, the value of this bean itself will be used as the message resource key.


Specifies the name of the property to be accessed on the bean specified by name. This value may be a simple, indexed, or nested property reference expression. If not specified, the value of the bean identified by name will itself be used as the message resource key.


Specifies the variable scope searched to retrieve the bean specified by name. If not specified, the default rules applied by PageContext.findAttribute() are applied.

No Variables Defined.

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