Welcome to Struts Taglib

The Struts Taglib component provides a set of JSP custom tag libraries that help developers create interactive form-based applications. There are tags to help with everything from displaying error messages to dealing with nested ActionForm beans.

Struts Taglib is composed of four distinct tag libraries: Bean, HTML, Logic, and Nested.

Bean The bean tags are useful in defining new beans (in any scope) from a variety of possible sources, as well as a tag to render a particular bean (or bean property) to the output response.
HTML The HTML tags are used to create input forms, as well as other tags generally useful in the creation of HTML-based user interfaces. The output is HTML 4.01 compliant or XHTML 1.0 when in XHTML mode.
Logic The Logic tags that are useful in managing conditional generation of output text, looping over object collections for repetitive generation of output text, and application flow management
Nested The Nested tags extend the base Struts tags to allow them to relate to each other in a nested nature. The fundamental logic of the original tags doesn't change, except in that all references to beans and bean properties will be managed in a nested context.

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