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IMPLEMENTATION NOTE - Unlike other tags in this tag library, this does not correspond to a JavaServer Faces user interface component. It is based on the tag implementation class used in the struts-html tag library.

Render JavaScript validation based on the validation rules loaded by the ValidatorPlugIn. The set of validation rules that should be generated is based on the formName attribute passed in, which should match the name attribute of the form element in the xml file.

The dynamicJavascript and staticJavascript attributes default to true, but if dynamicJavascript is set to true and staticJavascript is set to false then only the dynamic JavaScript will be rendered. If dynamicJavascript is set to false and staticJavascript is set to true then only the static JavaScript will be rendered which can then be put in separate JSP page so the browser can cache the static JavaScript.

Tag Information
Tag Classorg.apache.struts.faces.taglib.JavascriptValidatorTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone


If set to "true" and XHTML has been enabled, the JavaScript will be wrapped in a CDATA section to prevent XML parsing. The default is "true" to comply with the W3C's recommendation.


Whether or not to render the dynamic JavaScript. Defaults to true.


The key (form name) to retrieve a specific set of validation rules.


Whether or not to enclose the javascript with HTML comments. This attribute is ignored in XHTML mode because the script would be deleted by the XML parser. See the cdata attribute for details on hiding scripts from XML parsers. Defaults to true.


The alternate JavaScript method name to be used instead of the of the default. The default is 'validate' concatenated in front of the key (form name) passed in (ex: validateRegistrationForm).


The current page of a set of validation rules if the page attribute for the field element in the xml file is in use.


The src attribute's value when defining the html script element.


Whether or not to render the static JavaScript. Defaults to true.

No Variables Defined.

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