Tag errors

Displays a list of error messages prepared by form bean or business logic validation processing.

In order to use this component successfully, you must have defined an application scope MessageResources bean under the specified attribute name, with optinal definitions for the following message keys:

Tag Information
Tag Classorg.apache.struts.faces.taglib.ErrorsTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone


Value binding expression to bind this component to a backing bean property.


Name of the servlet context attribute under which the desired MessageResources bundle is stored. If not specified, the default bundle for this sub-application will be used.

idfalsefalsejava.lang.StringComponent id of this component.
propertyfalsefalsejava.lang.StringComponent of the component for which to render errors. If not specified, all messages (regardless of property) are displayed.
renderedfalsefalsejava.lang.StringBoolean attribute indicating whether this component should be rendered or not.

No Variables Defined.

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