Welcome to Struts Faces

The "Struts Faces" component contains an add-on library that supports the use of JavaServer Faces (JSF) user interface technology in a Struts-based web application, in place of the Struts custom tag libraries.

The Struts-Faces Integration Library should work with any implementation of JavaServer Faces, version 1.0 or later. It has primarily been tested against version 1.1 of the JavaServer Faces reference implementation.

For more information, consult the README file or the StrutsFaces wiki page.

Known issues with some JSF implementations:

  • [MYFACES-1421] - MyFaces 1.1.4 does not recognize the family of the Struts Faces form component.

Note that the Struts Faces component is intended as a "bridge" between Struts 1 and JavaServer Faces. The typical use case is a team that would like to experiment with JSF components but does not want to completely rework an existing application.

For better JavaServer Faces support, consider using Struts 2 or Apache Shale.

Struts-Faces Issue Tracking

Please report any bugs, or log any enhancement requests, in the Struts JIRA Issue Tracker to the Faces component under Struts 1.