Tag put

Put an attribute into tile/component/template context.

Define an attribute to pass to tile/component/template. This tag can only be used inside 'insert' or 'definition' tag. Value (or content) is specified using attribute 'value' (or 'content'), or using the tag body. It is also possible to specify the type of the value :

If 'type' attribute is not specified, content is 'untyped', unless it comes from a typed bean.

Note that using 'direct="true"' is equivalent to 'type="string"'.

Tag Information
Tag Classorg.apache.strutsel.taglib.tiles.ELPutTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone


Name of the attribute.


Attribute value. Could be a String or an Object. Value can come from a direct assignment (value="aValue") or from a bean. One of 'value' 'content' or 'beanName' must be present.


Content that's put into tile scope. Synonym to value. Attribute added for compatibility with JSP Template.


Determines how content is handled: true means content is printed direct


Specify content type: string, page, template or definition.

  • String : Content is printed directly.
  • page | template : Content is included from specified URL. Name is used as an URL.
  • definition : Value is the name of a definition defined in factory (xml file). Definition will be searched in the inserted tile, in a <tiles:insert attribute="attributeName"> tag, where 'attributeName' is the name used for this tag.

Name of the bean used as value. Bean is retrieved from specified context, if any. Otherwise, method pageContext.findAttribute is used. If beanProperty is specified, retrieve value from the corresponding bean property.


Bean property name. If specified, value is retrieve from this property. Support nested/indexed properties.


Scope into which bean is searched. If not specified, method pageContext.findAttribute is used. Scope can be any JSP scope, 'tile', 'component', or 'template'. In these three later cases, bean is search in tile/component/template context.


If the user is in the specified role, the tag is taken into account; otherwise, the tag is ignored (skipped).

No Variables Defined.

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