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Packages that use MessageResources
org.apache.struts.action The action package is the core of the struts framework, providing the "Controller" aspect of a MVC model. 
org.apache.struts.chain.contexts This package provides objects that encapsulate access to the request and session-scoped resources to service command processing. 
org.apache.struts.config The "config" package contains configuration objects that correspond to elements that may be specified in the struts-config.xml module configuration file. 
org.apache.struts.util The Utilities package provides a variety of families of classes, to solve problems that are commonly encountered in building web applications. 
org.apache.struts.validator The validator package provides a series of classes to validate ActionForm type of input. 

Uses of MessageResources in org.apache.struts.action

Fields in org.apache.struts.action declared as MessageResources
protected  MessageResources ActionServlet.internal
          The resources object for our internal resources.

Methods in org.apache.struts.action that return MessageResources
protected  MessageResources RequestProcessor.getInternal()
          Return the MessageResources instance containing our internal message strings.
 MessageResources ActionServlet.getInternal()
          Return the MessageResources instance containing our internal message strings.
protected  MessageResources Action.getResources(HttpServletRequest request)
          Return the default message resources for the current module.
protected  MessageResources Action.getResources(HttpServletRequest request, String key)
          Return the specified message resources for the current module.

Uses of MessageResources in org.apache.struts.chain.contexts

Methods in org.apache.struts.chain.contexts that return MessageResources
 MessageResources ServletActionContext.getMessageResources()
 MessageResources ActionContextBase.getMessageResources()
 MessageResources ActionContext.getMessageResources()
          Return the default message resources for the current module.
 MessageResources ServletActionContext.getMessageResources(String key)
 MessageResources ActionContextBase.getMessageResources(String key)
 MessageResources ActionContext.getMessageResources(String key)
          Return the specified message resources for the current module.

Methods in org.apache.struts.chain.contexts with parameters of type MessageResources
 void ServletActionContext.setMessageResources(MessageResources resources)
 void ActionContextBase.setMessageResources(MessageResources messageResources)
 void ActionContext.setMessageResources(MessageResources resources)
          Set the default message resources for the current module.
 void ServletActionContext.setMessageResources(String key, MessageResources resources)
           Store the mesasage resources for the current module under the given request attribute key.

Uses of MessageResources in org.apache.struts.config

Methods in org.apache.struts.config that return MessageResources
 MessageResources ConfigHelperInterface.getMessageResources()
           The application resources for this application.
 MessageResources ConfigHelper.getMessageResources()
           The application resources for this application.

Uses of MessageResources in org.apache.struts.util

Subclasses of MessageResources in org.apache.struts.util
 class PropertyMessageResources
          Concrete subclass of MessageResources that reads message keys and corresponding strings from named property resources in a similar manner (see modes below) that java.util.PropertyResourceBundle does.

Fields in org.apache.struts.util declared as MessageResources
protected static MessageResources ResponseUtils.messages
          The message resources for this package.

Methods in org.apache.struts.util that return MessageResources
 MessageResources PropertyMessageResourcesFactory.createResources(String config)
          Create and return a newly instansiated MessageResources.
abstract  MessageResources MessageResourcesFactory.createResources(String config)
          Create and return a newly instansiated MessageResources.
static MessageResources MessageResources.getMessageResources(String config)
          Create and return an instance of MessageResources for the created by the default MessageResourcesFactory.

Uses of MessageResources in org.apache.struts.validator

Methods in org.apache.struts.validator that return MessageResources
static MessageResources Resources.getMessageResources(HttpServletRequest request)
          Retrieve MessageResources for the module.
static MessageResources Resources.getMessageResources(ServletContext application, HttpServletRequest request, String bundle)
          Retrieve MessageResources for the module and bundle.

Methods in org.apache.struts.validator with parameters of type MessageResources
static String[] Resources.getArgs(String actionName, MessageResources messages, Locale locale, Field field)
          Gets the message arguments based on the current ValidatorAction and Field.
static String Resources.getMessage(MessageResources messages, Locale locale, String key)
          Gets the Locale sensitive value based on the key passed in.
static String Resources.getMessage(MessageResources messages, Locale locale, ValidatorAction va, Field field)
          Gets the locale sensitive message based on the ValidatorAction message and the Field's arg objects.
static String Resources.getMessage(ServletContext application, HttpServletRequest request, MessageResources defaultMessages, Locale locale, ValidatorAction va, Field field)
          Gets the Locale sensitive value based on the key passed in.

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