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Packages that use MessagesNotPresentTag
org.apache.struts.taglib.nested.logic The nested html tags extend the org.apache.struts.taglib.logic tags to allow them to relate to each other in a nested nature. 
org.apache.strutsel.taglib.logic The "struts-logic-el" tag library contains tags that are useful in managing conditional generation of output text, looping over object collections for repetitive generation of output text, and application flow management. 

Uses of MessagesNotPresentTag in org.apache.struts.taglib.nested.logic

Subclasses of MessagesNotPresentTag in org.apache.struts.taglib.nested.logic
 class NestedMessagesNotPresentTag

Uses of MessagesNotPresentTag in org.apache.strutsel.taglib.logic

Subclasses of MessagesNotPresentTag in org.apache.strutsel.taglib.logic
 class ELMessagesNotPresentTag
          Evalute to false if an ActionMessages class or a class that can be converted to an ActionMessages class is in request scope under the specified key and there is at least one message in the class or for the property specified.

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