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Packages that use FormPropertyConfig
org.apache.struts.config The "config" package contains configuration objects that correspond to elements that may be specified in the struts-config.xml module configuration file. 

Uses of FormPropertyConfig in org.apache.struts.config

Methods in org.apache.struts.config that return FormPropertyConfig
 FormPropertyConfig FormBeanConfig.findFormPropertyConfig(String name)
          Return the form property configuration for the specified property name, if any; otherwise return null.
 FormPropertyConfig[] FormBeanConfig.findFormPropertyConfigs()
          Return the form property configurations for this module.

Methods in org.apache.struts.config with parameters of type FormPropertyConfig
 void FormBeanConfig.addFormPropertyConfig(FormPropertyConfig config)
          Add a new FormPropertyConfig instance to the set associated with this module.
 void FormPropertyConfig.inheritFrom(FormPropertyConfig config)
          Inherit values that have not been overridden from the provided config object.
 void FormBeanConfig.removeFormPropertyConfig(FormPropertyConfig config)
          Remove the specified form property configuration instance.

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