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Packages that use DynaActionFormClass
org.apache.struts.action The action package is the core of the struts framework, providing the "Controller" aspect of a MVC model. 
org.apache.struts.config The "config" package contains configuration objects that correspond to elements that may be specified in the struts-config.xml module configuration file. 

Uses of DynaActionFormClass in org.apache.struts.action

Fields in org.apache.struts.action declared as DynaActionFormClass
protected  DynaActionFormClass DynaActionForm.dynaClass
          The DynaActionFormClass with which we are associated.

Methods in org.apache.struts.action that return DynaActionFormClass
static DynaActionFormClass DynaActionFormClass.createDynaActionFormClass(FormBeanConfig config)
          Return the DynaActionFormClass instance for the specified form bean configuration instance.

Uses of DynaActionFormClass in org.apache.struts.config

Fields in org.apache.struts.config declared as DynaActionFormClass
protected  DynaActionFormClass FormBeanConfig.dynaActionFormClass
          The DynaActionFormClass associated with a DynaActionForm.

Methods in org.apache.struts.config that return DynaActionFormClass
 DynaActionFormClass FormBeanConfig.getDynaActionFormClass()
          Return the DynaActionFormClass associated with a DynaActionForm.

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